Directors:  Lynette & Sylvia

Dance is to be celebrated!

As a competition director it is inspiring and thrilling on many levels to watch dancers grow.    StarCatchers continues to be complimented on our customer service as well as being told that it has  the best competition atmosphere that kids will remember and grow from.  Hearing this from studio directors to being stopped by parents in the halls, it is the best reward we can receive.   This is from truly incredible choreographers to the dancers and the directors who had the vision, you couldn’t be surrounded by a more vibrant group.

From what we see and the positive energy of these young people, our future is bright.  Dancers should be proud of their accomplishments, awarded for their successes and take home memories to last a lifetime.


1.  SEPT 29TH  – StarCatchers Dance Intensive.

2.  Dance Competition Tour: 2019  Go to dates and locations.

SPACE IS LIMITED- SO REGISTER TODAY.  directors@starcatchersdance.com

StarCatchers dance competitions are 3 days and will NOT be extended.  We apologize to all of those we were not able to accommodate and look forward to seeing you soon.



The consistent feedback throughout the 2018 season is that teachers and parents feel as though they matter and are not just a number or cheque.  StarCatchers is organized, on time and treat everyone with the care they deserve.  Attention to customer service for you and your dance family is a must. Lastly we are a 3 day comp and once limit is reached then we are full.

  • NEW:  Increased cash awards!
  • NEW:  Top Star Studio Routine!
  • StarCatchers Ontario Dance Competitions bring 8- 3 day weekends and is celebrating 16 years!
  • The competition that encourages dancers to Pay it Forward (Dancer Choice).  An opportunity to be on the mic, share their opinion and education in dance.  Great sportsmanship too!
  • Our sponsors are incredible and offer another element of excitement for your dancers.
  • Rosco flooring brought in for every event – wherever we are!
  • Video judge for critiques.
  • FameinFocus.com for your parents photos/videos.
  • Each Session is higlighted with: Triple Diamond Awards, Most Promising, Judges Choreography, Highest Achievement, Judges Choice awards, scholarships and fabulous prizes.
  • Over 100 Trophies presented at each competition!
  •  Top 10 Open Solos presented for Intermediate & Senior. based on # of entries.
  • Proud to encourage sportsmanship with Pay it forward – Dancers Choice Awards
  • The directors have teaching, adjudicating and dance experience and are proud to provide a competition that is fair, fun, and professionally organized for all involved.
  • Overalls for runner up will be presented based on the number of entries per competition.  This includes Novice and PreComp.  This will only increase the number of trophies and will not take away from any awards.
  • Giving dancers opportunities with the most scholarships to be won! All great opportunities.
  • Parents routines are called StarCatchers Celebrity Performances.  All proceeds goes to Sick Kids. Entry fee is ONLY $10.00 P.P see rules.  No trophies awarded – Just braggin rights!
  • Reputable Judges, that interact with the dancers on stage.
  • StarCatchers Dance Competitions is accomplished that has a proven EXPERTISE that studios desire.  Paying attention to small details that make for a great competition. They love what they do and you can tell.
  • A diamond competition staff is there for your parents and dance team.  StarCatchers  appreciation is a tribute to your studio and dance friends to remember. 
  • Pictures for 2018 are by FAME IN FOCUS- will be on instagram and Facebook      (Lynette Heavener)

Join StarCatchers Dance Competition that will send your kids home smiling!