Trophies, Awards & Scholarships to be Won!!

Studios directors will have the complete list of cash awards.

Overall Team Routine Finalist (solo not included)
Senior Division Finalist
Intermediate Division Finalist
Mini Division Finalist
(must be 20 in the division to be presented)

Top Star Performance Awards
Top Star Performance
Top Star Performance R. Up
Top Star Performance 2nd R. Up

SuperStar Awards
Intermediate SuperStar Soloist            Senior SuperStar Soloist
Superstar Soloist: The dancers’ average marks from their best 3 solos and 2 group routines will determine the final mark.The award reflects the technique and presentation as well as a dancer’s ability to enhance the team’s efforts within a group.

Judges Choice Awards

Best Choreography Award
Most Entertaining Award
Best Presentation Award
Captivating Costume Award
Top Studio Spirit Award

Overall Cash Awards 
Mini – Intermediate – Senior Division Finalist. Top  3 Stars, Super Stars, Judges Choice,

Each Age Division for Overalls on PreCompetitive and Open!
All information and awards are only provided to studio directors.
Must be a min. of 20 competitors for cash prize to be presented.

Overall Class Awards

Novice Awards
Solo                                  mini, intermediate, senior
Duet/Trio                       mini, intermediate, senior
Group                              mini, intermediate, senior
Line                                  mini, intermediate
Ext. Line                         mini, intermediate
Note: Novice Sr. group/Line/Ext. Line is a combined trophy

Pre-Competitive & Open Awards for Each Division & Class
Solo                               mini, intermediate, senior
Duet/Trio                    mini, intermediate, senior
Group                           mini, intermediate, senior
Line                              mini, intermediate, senior
Ext. Line                      mini, intermediate, senior
Production                  mini, intermediate, senior
The Ext. Line may be combined with production this is subject to entries numbers.

Each Session presentation:

• Award Ribbons:
for dancers in each performance for the score received.

• Custom medallions:
beautifully designed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd placement. Ties are not broken within a category.

• Judges Choice Awards:
They are the people providing your marks and final awards and this gives the judges the opportunity to comment on things they have admired.

• Choreography Award

• Highest Achievement Trophy Award

• Most Promising Trophy Award

• Triple Diamond Award:
All performances that attain a diamond mark or better by all three judges.

YES, we do all this for each session and various prizes! Join the stars with us.

Ribbons Score       Medallion         Novice/Pre-Comp.      Open

Silver           up to 84.99

Gold            85-86.99                                       1st Place                    80 min.                  85 min

High Gold  87 -89.99                                     2nd Place                    75 min.                  80 min.

Platinum     90-92.99                                     3rd Place                    70 min.                  75 min.

Diamond      93 +