First time in competition or first time competing in that discipline.  (Solo, Duet, Trio)  must be 100% novice dancers.   80% must be novice for that discipline to compete as novice as a group-line or ext. line.

Pre Competitive

Max. 6 hours or less of dance lessons/rehearsals per week. This is to encourage recreational dancers and have a fair competition. NEW 1 open:12 precompetitive dancers may be admitted – otherwise they must dance as open.


Dancers who train more than 6 hours per week and previously placed in competition.

1 professional to 12 amateur dancers and must not be showcased otherwise they must compete in the professional category. NO exceptions.


Receives income from the performing/teaching of dance (min. 10 hrs/wk): Also a teacher who holds a membership in a dance association, teacher’s certificate, or union card for the performing arts is considered to have professional status. No overalls are in this category, just bragging rights.

Celebrity (adult/parent routines)

All proceeds go to Sick Children’s Hospital. Bring your parents class out for their “Celebrity Performance”. One Entry per studio with an entry fee of only $10.00 p.p. This is any non-professional adult performance and limited entries per venue.

Please Note: Professional/Celebrity categories are not eligible for any Overall Awards, Cash or Scholarships. It is about bragging rights and having fun. Medals will be awarded.