• Contact us in regards to penciling you in so your team isn’t disappointed!
  •  $250 deposit will secure your spot.


This information provided to directors only. Contact for your studio’s savings for early bird and/or attending multiple venues discounts. Multiple venue discounts is only applicable when your full competitive team entries are received for both events.


Needs to be uploaded online a 2 weeks prior to the competition.  BACK UP:  can be on a USB or CD.   Please label it.   Submit this 1 hour prior to your studio’s first performance and picked up either at the end of the session or the end of the day.
• To compensate for the varying speeds of machines a 5 sec. leeway is provided, after which 1 mark for each 5 sec. segment will be deducted from your final score.


Deadlines: Early Bird Deadline
March or April competition dates Dec. 15, 2017 Jan 15, 2018
May competition dates Jan. 01, 2018 Feb. 01, 2018

Payment: Cheque, money order or e-transfer for the total competition fees (less the discount(s) if applicable) is to be paid in full to StarCatchers by the deadline. No studio (or dance) will be permitted to dance on the stage if there is an outstanding balance.

Rules and Regulations

• Embrace the moment of teamwork, share your talent, admire others talent and you will have already won.

• Venues will open 1 hour prior to the first competitive routine performance.

A Few things to note:

• Entries are only secure with the deposit and fees are received in full.
• StarCatchers reserves the right to combine or split classes. More trophies/awards may be presented due to increased entries at the discretion of StarCatchers.
• Competition fees are to be paid in full to StarCatchers by deadline. (Please deduct discounts/deposits/2016 gift certificates).
Cash Awards:  All award money is paid to the studio Director (studio name) and may vary due to registration. Cash awards cannot exceed 50% of entry fees from that studio.    •For Team Routine Division Finalists there must be 20 division entries for the full cash award to be presented.

Age is determined as of Dec. 31. Competitors must be entered into their age category or the next age group up. No competitor may compete against themselves. Solos compete in their age group or up. For duets/trios, groups, lines, ext. line and productions the average age will be determined by the mean average with the decimal point dropped. This is automatic  with the on line registration.Please Note: It is important the year of each dancers’ birth is correct for the registration on-line system! Pls review to avoid problems. Include any adults participating in the routine, including their DOB.

• Birth Certificates: The teacher is responsible for providing the Festival Committee with the proof of age only if the age of a competitor is disputed. Therefore parents should have them on hand.

Competition Day:

No video/photo is allowed in the theatre or change rooms! This includes use of cell phones. Cell phones can be in the change room but must be used outside a change space. Our priority is the safety of your dancers as well as the integrity of the choreography of the teachers!

ReDance:   If a dancer is unable to complete their routine they will be able to re-dance for adjudication only.  This will not be accepted for placement or overall standings.  This is not the case if it is a technical issue.

Deductions can and will be made if the more than one warning is issued. Studios, parents and friends may take photos during adjudications.  Choreography, costuming and music editing must be appropriate for family viewing. StarCatchers or judges can deduct marks for inappropriateness.

• Holding routines or dancing out of order will result in point deductions. The exception is for costume changes, which must be verified by the director. Five routines or 15 minutes will be allotted for costume changes. Dancers or studios causing unwarranted delays to the set schedule may receive deductions.

• No Communication with the Judges (Oral or Written) by Teachers, Parents, or Dancers during the Competition is Permitted. The Decision of the adjudicators is final.

• All dancers must perform 80% of the routine, the exception being the production category.
Backstage: Sportsmanlike conduct back stage is encouraging for all performers – so join in be a part of it. Although we understand the excitement and encouragement that the team wants to give, the backstage space does not always have the space to permit this and safety is priority. Dancers will be allowed backstage within 2-4 routines of their performance, the exception being if their routine is preceded by a Production or Extended Line where those dancers require additional space.
Dressing rooms are shared. Persons found vandalizing or abusing the competition venue or StarCatchers rules will be disqualified and charged damage fees.
• In the event a dancer is absent, it is the responsibility of the teacher to notify the Festival Committee. An entry fee is refundable when a medical note (or photocopy) is provided. This is managed through the studio director and/or StarCatchers directors.
Props are to be looked after by the teachers or studio-approved assistants, all others will be asked to leave. This should be calculated in with the time submitted for the routine. Props that could pose a danger are strictly prohibited such as knives, swords, fire, glitter, flour, confetti, or liquid substances and small animals/reptiles.

• If a set up takes longer than 5 minute for a production, please advise so scheduling can take place accordingly.

The Stage must be left clean by all performers or their crew. Otherwise, marks will be deducted. This is for your studio to clean.

• Competitors are asked to wear a cover-up when entering the theatre auditorium. Also to respect dancers and find your seat in between dances.

• When entering StarCatchers Dance Festival, directors, competitors, parents and instructors give their permission to StarCatchers to use their pictures and performance videos as promotional/advertisement material. We know many find this exciting and if we have additional printed material StarCatchers is happy for the dancer to have a copy and will forward it on request to the studio that they are affiliated with.